Xylan Delivers PizzaSwitch

Xylan Corp. this week will finally take its PizzaSwitch out of the oven and serve it up to customers looking for a taste of Ethernet switching.

The store-and-forward switch features 12 switched Ethernet ports and a choice of up to two Fast Ethernet, FDDI or Asynchronous Transfer Mode high- speed backbone links. Pizza-Switch boasts a forwarding rate of 14,880 packet/sec and supports as many as 2,000 media access control addresses.

The device, which will be on display here at NetWorld+ Interop 96, is designed for small workgroups and serves as a little brother to Xylan's OmniSwitch nine-slot switching hub.

Xylan announced its intention to roll out the PizzaSwitch at the fall NetWorld+Interop show in 1994. At that time, the company expected to ship the product during the first quarter of 1995, followed by the OmniSwitch box. But the company reversed its plans and put the PizzaSwitch on the back burner when customers demanded the high-end modular OmniSwitch first, analysts said.

"There was a lot more need for a high-end switch like the OmniSwitch early on rather than a smaller configuration [Pizza-Switch] box," said Esmerelda Silva, an analyst at International Data Corp., a consultancy in Framingham, Massachusetts. "The delayed rollout is just a reflection of what happened in the market."

While the PizzaSwitch seems like a workgroup device, Silva said it actually offers many high-end features, including integrated routing capabilities.

"Xylan's PizzaSwitch has features that you typically don't find in switches from the leading internetworking vendors," she said. "For example, it has IP and IPX routing support."

Other PizzaSwitch features include policy-based virtual LANs, Re- mote Monitoring and ATM LAN Emulation support. John Mazzaferro, Xylans director of corporate marketing, said the switch will compete with similar products from Agile Networks Inc. and Bay Networks Inc.

PizzaSwitch is available now starting at US$5,000.

Xylan: +1 (818) 880-3500.

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