Australian multimedia industry gets much needed boost

Australian multimedia consortium Access Australia, based in NSW, has previewed plans for a number of multimedia projects, which are expected to boost development of the specialised sector of the industry.

Access Australia will co-ordinate the projects which include: developing a national testing laboratory; encouraging and enabling use of multimedia in schools, universities and TAFE colleges in NSW; and providing a consultancy service to industry, the community, and government.

The Creative Nation statement from former Prime Minister Paul Keating resulted in Access Australia's creation, along with five other co-operative multimedia centres.

The national testing laboratory will let developers test their products on different platforms to ensure that they operate on a wide variety of systems. Currently, developers must pay more than $10,000 to test their programs in the US.

John Reynolds, chairman of Access Australia, said: "Here in NSW, we have the opportunity to lay the foundation of a vibrant and viable Australian multimedia industry -- an industry that is uniquely Australian in terms of content and creativity.

"Each of these projects is cost-effective, deliverable in a reasonable time frame and will provide tangible benefits to the multimedia industry. Projects are aimed at raising the profile of multimedia and bringing together the diverse companies and institutions which are engaged in multimedia activities," Reynolds said.

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