Kiwis flock to Net at greatest rate

New Zealand outstripped the world in growth of Internet connections last year, according to a study done by Colin Jackson of the Ministry of Commerce’s IT unit.

The study has also found young women and men are in IT jobs in roughly equal numbers, while older age groups still show an imbalance, particularly in management, where men outnumber women by 4 to 1.

Jackson uses data derived from the results of a survey conducted by Network Wizards (on the Web at http://www., as well as Census 1991 figures and surveys by Statistics New Zealand.

The number of computers on the Internet in New Zealand has risen to 53,000, a 450% increase in the year to January 1995.

This figure does not include small businesses or home users, however, because it is a count of hosts — that is, not through other hosts, such as service providers (ISPs).

The biggest growth in local Internet numbers occurred between January 1994 and January 1995, with the largest leap — a 450% increase in Internet host connections — occurring in January 1995,, while connections in the rest of the world expanded by 125%.


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