Artisoft Spending Spree Yields First Products

Networking specialist Artisoft has unveiled new versions of two applications that are part of a new range of products designed to broaden its activities into remote communications and computer- integrated telephony.

The products are the first fruit of two recent acquisitions by Artisoft, which is best known for its Lantastic peer-to-peer networking software.

Both products, under the product name Insync, have received a performance boost and are designed to improve connectivity for small companies and workgroups, says Olivier Zitoun, vice-president of sales and marketing for Artisoft Europe.

The first is Insync ModemShare 7.0, which allows PCs on a network to share lines and modems. For the screen, the user selects a service such as outbound fax or Internet access, and the software searches for the first available modem on the network.

The software operates with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 as well as DOS- based systems. Due to be released this month, the single-port version will cost US$129.

The other product is Insync CoSession Remote 7.0, which allows a PC to dial up another PC and take control of it. The software is intended both for mobile workers, who may want to access their office systems, and network administrators. The price for a two-PC version is about US$90.

The product is pitched up against the likes of Laplink, pcAnywhere and Carbon Copy, and Zitoun claims it beats them all on both price and performance.

"CoSession Remote offers the functionality of much more expensive products, but with better support and performance at about half the price," he says. Artisoft is offering free support for the new product.

The two new products are the result of a buying spree by Artisoft over the last three months. ModemShare is based on the Modem Assist product that Artisoft acquired when it bought Synergy Solutions Inc., while CoSession Remote is a renamed version of CoSession, which came from its purchase of Triton Technologies Inc.

In February, Artisoft also bought Stylus Innovation Inc., a developer of computer telephony software products, such as Visual Voice, Visual Fax and Otto, a LAN-based call control and messaging system. These will eventually be relaunched under the Insync banner, says Zitoun.

Artisoft can be reached on the World Wide Web at

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