Dell's Dimension to Get Intel's New Chip Set

By redesigning the architecture of its high-end Dimension desktop, Dell Computer will deliver its fastest Pentium PC yet.

The company will ship next month its 166-MHz XPS P166s, which will replace Dell's existing 166-MHz Dimension XPS P166c. The system will feature high-performance memory and an Intel Corp. ATX-based motherboard that accommodates Intel's recently released 80430VX chip set.

By incorporating the 82430VX chip set into the design, the new Dimension system will see improved I/O performance via its use of Concurrent PCI. Concurrent PCI improves video and audio throughput for programs that run directly on the main processor, Intel says. In particular, audio applications that use the processor rather than the coprocessor will see the greatest performance gain.

Additional I/O throughput is achieved because the direct processing of audio and video is able to avoid slower bus data transfers.

Like the rest of the Dimension line, Dell will aim the PC at small to medium-size companies, a spokesperson says.

The system will come with as much as 64M bytes of synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) memory, which can boost performance by providing a continuous flow of data to the system processor, Dell says. The PC will also come with dual in-line memory modules, providing a wider data path than traditional SIMMs and reducing the number of system components.

In addition, the redesigned chassis and motherboard provide easier access to internal components and more efficient cooling, officials says.

The system will also feature an integrated Creative Labs Vibra 16 sound chip. Operating system options will include Windows 95 and Windows 3.1.

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