Column: Savvy investing should ensure date bug fixed in time

Microsoft's damage control department swung into action last month when a new Windows 95 bug was reported, though the folks at Redmond have more than 100 years to solve the problem.

Apparently, computers using Windows 95 as an operating system at the end of 2099 will find their systems clocks reverting back to 1980 when 2100 kicks in.

Kevin Burke, manager of date-related problems at Microsoft, was given the job of finding a solution to the dilemma. Burke's department decided to raffle off a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator and invest the money raised.

According to Burke, by the time Microsoft has to start providing users with technical support for the system clock "bug" there will be plenty of funds available to cover the costs involved.

In the year 2099, the initial $US49 invested is expected to be worth $US8.3 million.

Free Eagle

One of the seven applications which makes up IBM's server software suite (formerly Project Eagle) has been made available as a free download from Big Blue.

Available immediately for OS/2, AIX, and Windows NT, IBM Internet Connection Server version 4 can be downloaded from

HP warranty

Hewlett-Packard has updated its warranty agreement for new HP Vectra PCs sold to businesses after March 1.

Previously, HP offered a one-year on-site, two-year return to base warranty, but that has been changed to a three-year on-site arrangement.

The new warranty covers parts and labour costs as well as travel expenses within a 160km radius of a major metropolitan region. HP has guaranteed that the response time will be within one working day of a call being logged.


Some readers may think that being a reporter is a pretty glamorous way to make a living, but it can have its moments. A colleague recently reported a particularly sticky interview he had carried out.

When the reporter asked if he could have the interviewee's name, the reply was: "Yes, you can".

Later, when the reporter asked for his subject's position, the retort was: "Sitting at the moment".

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