Spyglass Launches Its Web Technology Kit

Spyglass will ship its Web Technology Kit by the end of June, allowing companies to choose the components they need to develop Internet and intranet applications.

Because Netscape Communications dominates the end-user space, Spyglass has seen the market share of its Spyglass Mosaic browser decline. As a result, the company has been quietly building on its strength in providing Web software to vendors that build these tools into their own applications.

Spyglass says it is well-positioned to provide an array of Internet technologies to companies that would otherwise have to develop their own products.

"We never thought the Web browser was the end-all and be-all," says Randy Pitzer, a company spokesman.

"We always thought it would be a part of a number of applications," Pitzer says.

The Spyglass Web Technology Kit will allow users to avoid deploying fat browsers to Web-enable their existing networks. Instead, they can use Spyglass standalone components as needed.

Spyglass plans to roll out approximately 20 browsers that will allow developers to avoid rewriting existing applications to fit full-scale browsers.

"For application developers, writing to fit a fat browser is just not practical," says Dan Johnson, Spyglass product manager. "We have always been an under-the-hood kind of company, just as we are under the hood in Microsoft's Internet Explorer."

Johnson says the Web Technology Kit was a continuation of Spyglass' plan to dominate the market for embedded Web software.

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