Gates delays shipment of Cairo, Memphis

Microsoft head Bill Gates has revealed the latest ship dates for the successors to Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Both major upgrades of Microsoft's fastest growing operating systems will occur at about the same time: in late 1997 or early 1998, Gates says. He was speaking in a keynote address at the TechEd conference in Los Angeles early this week.

The debut of Memphis, the successor to Windows 95, had been set for mid-1997. The ship date of Cairo, the next generation of Windows NT, has slipped into 1998 for the first time.

Gates has also reiterated the attributes of the previously announced ActiveX initiative, made sweeping predictions about the evolution of bandwidth for multimedia dissemination via the Internet, and described ActiveMovie, an on-demand video technology.

But the release of the information about ship dates for the next Microsoft OSes forms the real news of his speech. Gates has also said for the first time that the two products will arrive for customers at about the same time.

Microsoft has delayed Cairo repeatedly and changed its definition several times. Cairo was originally supposed to be a follow-on to Windows NT 3.5, and based on the original schedule it should be in broad deployment today.

Microsoft, in Redmond, Washington can be reached at

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