Netscape licenses Borland compiler to speed up Java apps

Netscape Communications intends to speed up Java applications running in its World Wide Web browser by incorporating compiler technology from Borland in future releases of Navigator.

Netscape has licensed Borland's AppAccelerator, which enables applications written in Sun's Java language to run five to 10 times faster than without it, company officials say.

Navigator 2.0, released in February, was the first commercial browser to work with Java applications, Netscape officials say. AppAccelerator speeds up Java applications by reading the intermediate byte code generated by Java development tools and turning it on the fly into machine-executable code that can be read by the client computer, officials say. It will initially be incorporated into the Windows 95 and Windows NT versions of Navigator and is currently sold as part of Borland's Development Suite 5.0. Netscape is at, Borland is at

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