Hitachi Software to Ship Low-Cost Java Terminal

A unit of computer giant Hitachi in September will begin shipping a low-cost terminal for accessing the Internet, a company official has confirmed.

Hitachi Software Engineering will release the terminal, tentatively called ED, in Japan but has not yet decided whether to offer the unit overseas, the official says.

To be priced starting at US$540, the DOS-based device will run on a 486DX2 processor running at 66MHz and will offer a quad-speed CD-ROM drive and interfaces for connecting a Super VGA monitor or television, he says.

Equipped with a 28.8Kbit/s modem, the SoundBlaster-compatible unit will ship with 8Mb of RAM and one PC Card slot that can take either one Type III card or two Type II cards, the official says.

Users will control the unit through a Hitachi-developed input pad, but the unit will also house ports for a keyboard and mouse, he says.

Hitachi Software Engineering, whose parent company licensed Sun Microsystems's Java programming language earlier this year, will bundle the Hot Java browser with the system, the official says.

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