Atlas 2 coming to a screen near you

A second "preview release" iteration of Netscape's Atlas Web browser will be available from the corporation's Website very soon. The goodies this time include an enhanced version of Live3D (available for the PowerMac for the first time) and the long-awaited default QuickTime plug-in.

The new version of Live3D features a raft of enhancements to animation, mapping and rendering. The QuickTime plug-in, which has been spoken of ever since Netscape announced plans for plug-ins, may turn out not to bear Apple's own branding, but that of Intelligence at Large, a company which has been working closely with Apple in developing a plug-in called Moviestar, which is already available for both the Mac and Windows.

The one thing nobody has been able to guarantee is whether Atlas PR2 will be any more stable than the very flaky PR1. Find out if Netscape has gone live with the upgrade by seeing if they'll let you visit the new Live3D site at

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