SCO announces Internet products, partners

The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) has thrown its hat into the Internet ring with an announcement Internet World this week of an all-purpose Intel-based Internet/intranet server and partnerships for related Web authoring software.

SCO has pulled together products of its own with those from leading Internet vendors such as Netscape Communications and Oracle to form a multipurpose solution, say company officials with the Santa Cruz, California-based company.

Oracle joined SCO on Tuesday to announce Oracle WebServer 2.0 as part of SCO's Internet Family for standard Intel processor-based machines. By combining the power and scalability of Oracle WebServer 2.0 with SCO OpenServer Release 5, the two hope the platform suits the needs of Web site builders and for corporate intranets.

Priced at US$2495, Oracle WebServer 2.0 includes the Java run-time environment and the PL/SQL agent. It will ship in June.

The SCO Internet Family is designed to let users access and publish information on the World Wide Web, share information by building corporate intranets, conduct online commerce over the Internet, connect users of Novell's NetWare network operating system to the Internet, and enable existing applications to access the Internet, officials say.

Scheduled for availability in early June, SCO's Internet Family is based on its Internet FastStart package, which includes:

SCO's OpenServer 5.02 Unix operating system, an installation and configuration utility that helps administrators perform tasks such as configuring e-mail and multidomaining.

Morning Star Technologies' Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) software.

Netscape's Navigator 2.0 browser and Communications Server software.

This bundle is priced at US$995, yet the retail price tags of each component would amount to over double this figure, officials say.

"The bundle is to get folks going quickly on the Internet," says Richard Treadway, vice-president of layered products with SCO. "With the operating system and the complements, we believe we've hit the sweet spot of the market we're after."

Additionally, SCO is offering a number of layered products that complement Internet FastStart and add functionality. These include Netscape's Commerce Server, SCO's Internet to NetWare Gateway, SCO's Internet Security Package, and Netscape's Proxy Server, each priced at US$995.

SCO is at

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