Apple unleashes Cyberdog

Apple has announced the release of its OpenDoc-based Web browser technology, Cyberdog 1.0, at its World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose.

Cyberdog is an OpenDoc-based suite of applets that enable users to directly access the Internet from within Macintosh applications.

With the Cyberdog technology, users will be able to:

Browse the Internet from within any OpenDoc application.

Drag and drop Web site addresses and links into applications.

Have a cross-platform, Internet-based mail application.

Add functions-- such as videoconferencing support-- to virtually any application using the MacOS.

Apple has also announced it intends to bundle Macromedia's Shockwave plug-in within the Apple Internet Connection Kit. The Shockwave playback technology for Director lets users view multimedia content created in Director within their Internet browser application or Web home page.

Cyberdog includes DocBuilder, an OpenDoc application that supports the integration of Cyberdog components in addition to text and graphics. With Cyberdog's DocBuilder, users can create and share documents that contain text, graphics, and other information from the Internet.

Cyberdog is available free from Apple's Web site at Information on the Shockwave plug-in is available from Macromedia's Web site at

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