Novell boss Robert Frankenberg speaks out

--On persistent rumours that Novell is acquisition bait: "That's utterly untrue. In the two years I've been here, we've never talked with anyone about buying Novell."

--On intranet and Internet Web servers making NetWare file servers obsolete: "On the contrary. There are 3.3 million NetWare servers and it makes enormous sense to put intranet and Internet servers on top of the existing NetWare structure. You simply add a piece of software to turn an existing NetWare server into an Internet Web server. It's inexpensive - US$895 - easy to manage, and it's shipping now."

--On Novell's Smart Global Network strategy: "Our strategy to embrace an open architecture that gives users a Universal client, a Universal network and Universal services is among the most comprehensive in the industry. That gives users guaranteed quality of service, a secure infrastructure for the next generation of application servers and easy access to organised information anywhere on the enterprise."

--On the threat from Windows NT: "A network operating system is a great deal more than file-and-print. I still view NT as an applications server and not a network operating system.

"NT badly needs directory services. We intend to deliver a timetable for availability of NDS running on top of NT Server by the US summer."

--On NetWare 4.1 unit shipment growth: "NetWare 4.1 accounted for 58% of all NetWare shipments in the first quarter; two-thirds of that was new business. Overall, 75% of all NetWare 3.x and 4.1 servers shipped last year were new servers."

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