Survey finds NZ Net use in line with US, UK

A survey of New Zealand Internet use shows Kiwis are logging on to the Net in similar proportions here as in the US and UK.

Auckland-based companies Venture Research, a market researcher, and BellWest Consulting, an Internet marketing firm, commissioned the telephone survey of 1000 people 15 years and older in 15 New Zealand urban centres.

They found that 7.3% of New Zealanders aged 15-plus use the Internet at least once a week, with almost 3% using it daily. In total 17.3% of the sample say they have used the Internet in the past three months.

Studies in the US and UK by Nielsen, NOP Research Group, Find/SVP and the NDP Research Group show similar rates of Internet usage, according to Keith Syron, director of Venture Research.

In all three countries two-thirds of users are male. However, research in the US shows that the proportion of women using the Internet is rising rapidly.

More than half of all Internet users in all three countries are under 30 years old.

In all countries, Internet users are much more likely to be in the upper income bracket and employed in a professional capacity.

Syron says that, as expected, users were concentrated in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The survey was carried out over two weeks in April.

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