Intel Pentium Pro boards further delayed

Problems continue to plague the rollout of Intel's Pentium Pro technology. The company acknowledged last week that a new glitch will delay volume production of its four-processor Pentium Pro Alder motherboards by a month.

Intel now expects volume production of the boards to start in July, officials say. In rare low-voltage situations, a "phase lock loop" problem, discovered two to three weeks ago, would prevent the system from booting up. Intel has corrected the problem and has found no problems with the first fixed boards, the company says.

Intel will now resume production of the boards, with "thousands" due in July.

Separately, the company is expected to announce on June 10 its 200MHz Pentium processor, which will not incorporate multimedia extensions (MMX) technology, sources says. Intel says it would begin ramping production of its P55C chip, which will include the MMX technology, in the fourth quarter.

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