Netscape acquires services of Mac software developer

While the pressure goes on Apple to integrate a PPP dialler into any future release of the MacOS, Netscape Communications has scooped up the services of the acknowledged expert on Macintosh PPP stacks.

Richard Reynolds will supervise the creation of a built-in PPP stack for a future Netscape product, in his capacity as technology director of Rockstar Studios. Reynolds has played a large part in the evolution of the most popular PPP freeware programs - FreePPP (which Rockstar has championed) and MacPPP (which is bundled with the Apple Internet Connection Kit).

Another potentially important third-party Mac developer has been drawn into the latest Netscape Navigator beta - this time via Apple. The Navigator 3.0b4 release comes with the long-awaited QuickTime plug-in included. The plug-in is copyrighted to Apple Computer, but is based on one called MovieStar, developed by Intelligence At Large. The most notable aspect of the plug-in is its quick start feature. If QuickTime movies have been correctly set up, the browser can begin playing the movie while it its still downloading.

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