Market-leading Web browsers lack user loyalty, says study


While browsers from Netscape Communications and Microsoft dominate the market, a recent study by Zona Research says that neither product has garnered overwhelming user loyalty or is a must-have for corporate standards lists.

A survey conducted by Zona of 100 corporate IT professionals chosen randomly showed 87% use Netscape's Navigator as their primary browser, with Microsoft's Internet Explorer a distant second at 4%. On average, corporate users have two brands of browsers available to them.

Of the 100 respondents, 43% say that their corporations required or encouraged them to use one particular brand of browser, the study shows.

This hesitation to standardise on one browser type stems from an uncertainty of which company-backed Internet standards will emerge as dominant, says Stephen Auditore, Zona's president in Redwood City, California.

"I think that the reason corporations have not standardised is because they're not sure what is going to be the most popular content type supported, Microsoft-driven or Netscape-driven content," Auditore says. "While Netscape has a fairly strong position as the primary browser, corporations still view this issue as fluid."

Zona Research is at

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