Software allows online delivery of multimedia over phone lines

Narrative Communications has announced software intended to enable real-time transmission of large volumes of multimedia content over the World Wide Web using existing phone lines and modems.

The Enliven family of products, which runs on Windows 95 or Windows NT and uses Narrative's Object Streaming technology, includes the following:.

-- Enliven Viewer, which can be used as stand-alone application or implemented as a Netscape Navigator plug-in or a helper application to any Mosaic browser.

-- Enliven Server, which works in conjunction with a Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) server to deliver multiple, simultaneous animation streams to computers running Enliven Viewer.

-- Enliven Producer, which provides developers with a drag-and-drop post-production environment for creating content for online delivery. It is compatible with third-party multimedia content creation and authoring tools, such as Macromedia Director, and can directly import content created with these tools.

A beta version of Enliven Viewer will be downloadable from today from Narrative's Web site at Enliven Server and Enliven Producer will enter beta within the next few months.

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