Lycos ramps up searches with CentiSpeed

Lycos has announced a new technology called CentiSpeed, which it claims will make its Web search engine,, the fastest on the Internet.

CentiSpeed features virtual memory control, user-level fault handling and algorithmic word compaction, which will allow the Lycos search engine to execute up to 2000 queries per second on each of the company's servers.

"To users, many of these changes are transparent ... but because Lycos uses statistical word calculations and avoids full-text indexing, the results brought back to a user consist of highly relevant information and not miscellaneous junk," says Robert Davis, president and CEO of Lycos.

In addition to the benefits of CentiSpeed retrieval, Lycos has enhanced in its "spidering" technology to include file retrieval for multimedia files lacking a text reference, such as graphics, sounds, movies and programs. Of the 39 million URLs indexed by Lycos, 6 million are multimedia files.

Spiders are applications that search, or "crawl", the World Wide Web for specified data and then compile the results into an index.

The new Lycos technology will also utilise parallel spidering, in which hundreds of spiders work in co-operation to collect information on the Web in order to speed up searches.

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