200MHz Pentiums, yawn, expected to reach PC pipeline this month

Intel will unveil its long-awaited 200MHz Pentium on June 10, bringing the highest clock speeds yet to the desktop PC market.

Despite the impressive speeds, industry observers don't expect the 200MHz desktops to make much of a splash.

"They're more of a gap filler," says Linley Gwennap, editor of the Microprocessor Report, in Mountain View, California. "The price points won't be coming in at volume levels for a while, and 200MHz Pentiums will be superseded later this year by P55C systems. So they aren't going to be big sellers."

Many PC vendors nonetheless plan to build systems that support the latest Pentium. The major PC vendors are expected to ship systems in August.

Intel can be reached at http://www.intel.com/.

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