Netscape for OS/2 expected by year's end

It's not certain ... but a version of Netscape for IBM's desktop OS is possible by the end of the year.

Netscape Navigator for OS/2 is on the way--but don't hold your breath.

User groups and interested parties have been piecing together hints that Netscape Communications is indeed about to add another platform to its portfolio. Most pressure for OS/2 support is coming from Europe, where there are more OS/2 users than the US.

Karl Klarmann, the managing director of Netscape Germany, recently said at a marketing event that Netscape would be ported to OS/2 but gave no time frame. Off-the-record confirmation has also been given to individual users who have petitioned Netscape by email to ask for a native OS/2 version.

There are thought to be no major technical obstacles for the port, but Netscape may be waiting on a firm signal from IBM on its commitment to OS/2, especially in the US market. If the port goes ahead, as seems likely, the OS/2 browser will be released before the end of the year.

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