Net drags skills into NZ from around the world

Recruitment agencies are increasingly going overseas to fill vacancies where local IT skills or applicants are unable to meet their clients' demands.

Recruitment agencies are increasingly going overseas to fill vacancies where local IT skills or applicants are unable to meet their clients' demands.

Most have set up business agreements with foreign recruiters so they can have the pick of clients willing to travel to New Zealand.

But many agencies are finding it more cost-effective to use the Internet rather than send personnel overseas on a recruiting drive or place ads in foreign publications.

The Doughty Group director and Auckland manager Martin Barry says it is up to clients whether applicants are sought overseas--some can be particular about finding a candidate to meet all their needs while others will accept someone who doesn't fit all the specifications and will offer further training.

"We've set up expert international consultants to discuss with clients the best options," says Barry. "We have business partners in Australia and if we mount a campaign for permanent staff we'll try to get contacts through Internet advertising. People are interested in coming to New Zealand for a lifestyle change, so we've established a Web presence to deal with some of those inquiries."

The Doughty Group can be found at on the Internet at Unlike some other recruitment agencies, it doesn't have any information on immigration procedures for those seeking jobs from overseas.

Compuforce has more extensive information for would-be immigrants at While it uses an American address, Compuforce states it is a New Zealand company with a job search engine for both permanent and contract employment in Auckland and Wellington and has information on immigration requirements.

Senior Compuforce Auckland consultant Rowen Greatbatch says in the past Compuforce would have visited various countries in its search for job-seekers. "Now we have a page on the Web to advertise for overseas applicants, rather than pay for overseas ads or consultants. We can reach people from Vladivostock to Nigeria--it's a very effective tool because they can also access information about immigration, New Zealand and salaries. We make a good percentage of placements overseas, but they've still got to get themselves over here, and that's where videoconference facilities come in handy if they can be set up."

Kelly Luxford ( offers a job search page as well as free immigration advice and processing except for the cost of work permits.

Kelly Luxford's Web page claims the company brings more people into New Zealand to work than any other recruitment agency.

"We've had so much experience with the immigration process that we can help guide you through it with remarkable ease. We'll help you avoid unnecessary delays with work permits and visas and, of course, we never charge extra for our assistance in this area," the agency says.

Wilson White Associates ( invites people with information technology skills to send in their CVs and contact details.

Other agencies on the Internet are:

* Duncan-Ryan Associates:

* Paxus:

* Andrews Partners:

These last two have basic contact and company details with an email contact address, rather than job vacancies online.

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