Microsoft to release Internet Explorer for Unix

First Unix version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser will be available for Sun's Solaris by the end of the year.

Microsoft has announced plans to develop a version of its Internet Explorer Web browser for the Unix operating system. The new version of Internet Explorer, which will be available by the end of 1996 for Solaris and other flavours of Unix, will include the same features as the Windows 95 and Windows NT versions of Internet Explorer 3.0.

Microsoft also plans to provide development tool kits for building ActiveX Controls on the supported Unix platforms. Active X is Microsoft's architecture for Internet applications that lets objects talk to one another over the Internet, regardless of whether the objects were built with Microsoft tools.

The company has also announced updated beta versions of Internet Explorer 2.1 for Windows 3.1 and the Macintosh, which will provide support for frames and animated .GIF files. The beta 1 version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.1 for the Macintosh is available on the World Wide Web at, while the Windows 3.1 versions is scheduled for release in the third week of August.

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