Technical hitches put Telecom's Caller Display on hold

Technical problems have delayed Telecom's calling line identification project, Caller Display, until September at the earliest.

Technical problems have delayed Telecom’s calling line identification project, Caller Display, until September at the earliest.

Industry sources suggest the delay is due to the bypass feature, by which callers who do not wish to have their number displayed press *67, causing problems with existing services. In some cases the use of this feature apparantly prevents the identity of the caller going into Telecom’s billing system, as well as interfering with toll barring.

Company spokesman Quentin Bright says the company’s plans to launch the offering this month have been put back “by a matter of weeks”.

“It’s not that great a deal--we had hoped to have it out this month but that was never set in concrete. There are a few things that need a bit more work.”

Bright was unable to confirm or otherwise that the problem is with the *67 feature prior to @IDG's deadline.

The company appears to be targetting the service at residential users, with extensive coverage of the tool in its regular newsletter mail-out. This, though, could be to forstall any privacy concerns.

Privacy Commissioner Bruce Slane has been broadly supportive of Telecom’s approach to launching the service, although there are concerns, voiced in particular by the Telecommunications Users’ Association, about the fact that the telecommunications privacy code has yet to be finalised.

Meanwhile, rival telco BellSouth has announced it will be offering a caller ID service. Dates and pricing are unknown as yet, although the company does say the service will be on the market by the end of the year.

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