Network professionals put Web servers through paces

In the interests of Web server enlightenment, the Network Porfessionals Association is staging a shootout in Auckland today.

So everybody's trying to sell you a Web server--and nobody's telling you which one does the job?

The Network Professionals Association knows how you feel. And in the interests of enlightenment, they're spending today staging a Web server shootout with the help of Compaq Computer New Zealand.

"We don't know what the results will be, but we'll have some fun," declares Paul Dobson, the Compaq senior systems engineer and NPA member behind the shootout. "We'll have in a bunch of engineers from the Auckland reseller chain and we'll no doubt eat a lot of pizza while we're at it."

The shootout will seek comparisons on ease of use, set-up time, documentation, problems, performance, versatility and features NPA members will also be able to have a hands-on play with the servers being tested, which are: Netscape FastTrack Server2.0; Microsoft Internet Information Server 1.01, Novell Netware Web Server 2.0; SCO Internet FastStart 1.0; and possibly a late entry from Lotus.

The test platform will be Windows NT 4.0. NT Server, that is--the NPA isn't about to do anything as controversial as using NT Workstation as a server. The lab event is open only to NPA members, but @IDG will run the results next week.

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