Apple foresakes religion for Windows NT

New Zealand's Apple distributor, CED, is to begin selling Motorola boxes as Windows NT servers.

An NT box from Apple New Zealand? Sure, if that's what you need.

The reorganised CED group will be selling both NT and AIX configurations of Motorola's E Series servers, says new managing director Ralph Brayham. Apple Australia began selling the Motorola boxes earlier this year, but until now CED has held off any decision.

"Selling the E Series servers is a hugely smart strategy to me," says Brayham. "They fill a gap in the Mac server range and they're PowerPC-based, so this is good practice for when PPCP arrives. Anyway, people want NT and we should be able to give people what they want."

Brayham says CED's corporate strategy will still consist of "pushing a Mac first, because it's still a better product. But we also want Macs to fit in to the world, and I know they don't necessarily fit in everywhere in a business. At CDL, I put in an NT server for the Warehouse--and had six high-end Macintoshes connected to it. That's the kind of thing I mean. If the right solution isn't a Mac, it's not a religious issue."

Brayham, whose own background is in heterogeneous networks, particularly in the publishing sector, says the merging of CDL with CED gives him a greater depth of talent to call on in devising solutions for corporate customers.

Brayham has also announced that Chris Thompson will fill the role of CED marketing manager vacated by Ian Scherger. Thompson, however, will not learn of his promotion for a week-and-a-half. He is currently on an overland journey from Alice Springs to Darwin.

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