British police need equipment to catch 'Net pornographers

London's Metropolitan Police says it would welcome hardware and Net access assistance for catching paedophiles.

The Metropolitan Police paedophile squad in London needs more equipment and network access in order to catch child pornographers on the Internet, a detective says. Last week a source called Big Ears posted an appeal for equipment and services such as Internet access, modems and personal computers to a number of Internet user groups.

Detective Inspector James Reynolds says that while he does not know the identity of Big Ears, he is grateful for his concern. "We obviously do have some computer equipment which we use to catch computer child pornographers," says Reynolds. "But like all public service organisations, we could always use more."

The first step would be to set up an email address on the Internet where the public could forward information regarding paedophiles, according to police officials. Reynolds says that a number of companies have offered equipment to the squad and that he will submit a report to his superiors later this month.

The paedophile squad is based at British Police headquarters at New Scotland Yard, London and can be contacted on +44 171 230 1212.

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