Web page brings fiction to life

Now there's a Web page that will generate a fictitious company profile from random words and phrases.

Having trouble writing that business plan, press release or home page? For inspiration, try popping this address in your Web browser: http://www.athenanow.com/cgi-bin/engine.cgi. The Web page generates a fictitious company profile assembled from random words and phrases. The profile includes the ever-present mission statement, products, executive biographies and vacuous quotes. Every time you reload the page, you get another randomly generated company profile. Here are some sample excerpts:

Our goals: Interactive Vaporware Architects was founded on the belief that delivering full-motion video over ordinary telephone lines can be accomplished through a multimedia, comprehensive tool set that is not only robust, but also easy to use and, above all, industry-leading.

Our people: Cunningham C. Kopalowski, chief technology officer. Mr. Kopalowski came to International Technology Designs in 1988 fresh from the Buffalo Bills offensive line. His No. 1 task: designing, from the top down, a corporate metaphor that is scalable, multimedia and robust.

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