Corel trying for WordPerfect comeback

Corel is is planning a WordPerfect comeback with an aggressive suite licensing scheme.

Corel is is planning a WordPerfect comeback with an aggressive suite licensing scheme based around a per-server price with no limit on the number of users.

In a move aimed directly at cutting into the dominant market position of Microsoft's Office suite, Corel is offering the per-server licensing option on the Windows NT 4.0 versions of its upcoming WordPerfect Suite 7 and Corel Office Professional 7.

Daniela Gaudert, Corel's Ottawa-based media relations manager for Australia and New Zealand, says Corel will have to be "very aggressive" to make an impact.

"A lot of people might say we're throwing money away but it's an area where we wouldn't be making much money anyway.

"We have to be aggressive to make a big comeback. WordPerfect in its day was the main program, but now it's lost a lot of share."

Gaudert says the new scheme will enable users to move back to WordPerfect for little cost.

Microsoft New Zealand marketing services manager Steve Jenkins says he believes matching the Corel deal dollar for dollar is unsustainable and that, with Microsoft reinvesting 10% of revenue in R&D and 15% in support, it could be undesirable.

"I can't see any worldwide change in the present structure. Microsoft will continue to tailor its licensing to customer demand. Corel is forcing people to its own terms rather than offering licence terms based around customer requirements."

Corporate customers will be able to buy a shrinkwrap version of the Corel software and then pay $US807 for each server licence. A shrinkwrap copy of Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 for Windows NT costs $US1495. Shrinkwrap pricing for Corel Office Professional is $US1995.

Customers will then participate in either the CLP Choice or the CLP Universal (aimed at larger corporate customers) pricing programmes, depending on the number of servers that they are licensing.

Technical support and maintenance is not included in the pricing, but options for these are being put in place. Gaudert says New Zealand pricing is still being set. For further information, contact the Number One Service, phone 0800 267 351.

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