Non-goverment organisations NZ's Net growth market

New Zealand businesses' charge toward the Internet is easing.

New Zealand businesses’ charge toward the Internet is easing off, according to Internet host figures collated at Victoria University.

The category to see the strongest growth in host numbers over the past four months is NGOs (non-government organisations), which, says Victoria’s John Hine, “seem to have really discovered the Net”. The second-level grew by 68% over that period, while commercial site numbers grew by only 5%.

“We’re seeing different people catching up with the play now,” says Hine. “The numbers suggest that while the growth in commercial sites is still very high, the peak of awareness in that area may have passed.”

Hine cautions that the NGOs have come up from a very low base a year ago and that commerce is still by far the largest part of the New Zealand DNS, with 5319 IP and mail sites--nearly six times as many as all the other categories put together.

It is commerce which has driven most of the growth in New Zealand’s Internet, which stands at 400% over the past year and averages at 287% annually for the past two years.

Hine says another notable trend in the past 24 months has been “a dramatic increase in the proportion of full service (as opposed to mail-only) IP connections in the government and commerce areas”, which has doubled in the case of business. “I would imagine this reflects the impact of the Web. But the percentage of full IP connections has actually gone down in the education sector, despite a significant increase in connections. I expect this reflects schools making inexpensive connections.”

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