Axis introduces Web-based camera

Axis is launching a camera for the Web that requires no extra system resources or file server involvement to connect it to the network.

Axis Communications' world-first networking snapshot camera for the Internet and intranet will have an impact on the industry, according to Lawrence De Guzman, Axis' regional manager for the South Asian operations.

Scheduled to be launched this week, NetEye 200 Camera Server is a self-contained Web server that requires no extra system resources or file server involvement to connect it to the network. With the camera, users can take and view pictures remotely over the network with a standard World Wide Web browser.

"It is unlike anything that is on the market today, and I am sure that it will capture a lot of attention," De Guzman says. "The camera is not restricted to proximity limitations to the PC and that opens up new potential avenues in areas such as remote monitoring and surveillance by connecting the camera to a local area network.

"Besides, the camera plays on what the Internet is supposed to do," De Guzman says. "Instead of having a static Web page, this camera enables the user to create a link that will visually display images which are updated every 10 seconds.

Janardan Menon, market analyst for computers and peripherals at Dataquest, is positive that the product will gain popularity. "What we have in the market today are standard digital cameras," Menon says. "This is the first Web-based camera and I think there is a large market for it. However, it will take a year or two before it gains popularity.

"But as the cost of full-motion video cameras starts to come down, the market for this product will be under pressure and its cost will be a determining factor for its success," he says.

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