New initiative to boost data transmission over GSM

A move to create standards for easier data transmissions over European GSM networks is gaining force.

A move to create standards for easier data transmissions over European GSM (Global Service for Mobile communications) networks is gaining force with a London conference planned for November and a new Web site that will serve as an information clearinghouse.

The Mobile Data Initiative, announced on Tuesday in Berlin, will sponsor the Mobile Data Initiative Interoperability Workshop in London on November 13-14. Major corporations such as Intel, Microsoft and Compaq are backing the initiative and the conference.

The workshop is meant to generate collaboration between the suppliers of both telecommunications equipment and services. In general, the iniative aims to create standards between vendors and thereby make data communication over GSM networks in Europe easier for users, regardless of the equipment or software they choose. Only one in 50 European GSM phone users has an adapter for connecting a mobile computing device to their phone, and data transmissions made up only 0.5% of GSM traffic in 1995, according to Dataquest, a market research company.

The Initiative has also created a Web site at

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