Commerce Commission taking action against Edge Computers

Edge Computers faces several charges of breaching the Fair Trading Act.

Edge Computers faces several charges of breaching the Fair Trading Act.

Commerce Commission manager John Fein has confirmed that the vendor, which has outlets in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, is being charged with several breaches of the act, although he won’t say just what the charges are nor exactly how many are being brought.

However, Edge manager Ian Lyte told Computerworld he hadn’t been informed of any action when spoken to earlier this week.

Commission officials raided all three premises late last year following complaints about allegedly fake cache RAM chips on motherboards supplied by the company.

Several vendors recalled machines following the raids. Edge has defended its components, claiming that the machines they were on worked just as fast, if not faster, than 256Kb cache motherboards. It has also claimed that some resellers were using the dispute to avoid paying Edge money owed.

There has also been rumour that Edge has dropped its warranty period for RAM and CPUs to the minimum legal period of seven days, but Lyte says this isn’t true. Such components carry a 30-day warranty, he says, unless they are part of a fully assembled system, which has a two-year warranty.

Edge is a multinational company, with headquarters in Australia and branches in South Africa and the UK. It supplies both components to resellers and fully built PCs.

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