Kiwi software duo gear up for foreign markets

The local developers of a sales software package are ready to take it worldwide.

New Zealand success story EuroSmartz, which created the sales software package SaleSmartz, is ready to go worldwide, with distributors appointed in Australia, Sweden and New Zealand.

Productivity Business Systems in Australia, Montania Systems in Sweden and Manux Solutions in New Zealand are the new distributors.

EuroSmartz also hopes to attract a UK distributor after it displays the product at a major Apple computer show in London next month.

SaleSmartz was shown at several Auckland Expos last year after being developed over four years by New Zealand brothers Martin and Ian Schenkel.

The brothers first started working on the product in London in 1992 after an Apple reseller there wanted a software program to keep track of contacts and customers.

Martin Schenkel did the programming and Ian Schenkel tested the program from a user point of view, being a salesman himself.

Martin later moved to Sweden and Ian returned to New Zealand and they both set about marketing the program in their respective countries.

SaleSmartz was released in September 1995 in New Zealand and Sweden and is now used by 20 organisations in New Zealand and 40 in Sweden.

It was developed in English and Swedish and is being translated into other languages, including Japanese.

One of the more high-profile users is Film Facilities, which supplies equipment to the New Zealand-produced, American-funded TV action series Hercules. In Sweden, Addtech, the national distributor of US Macintosh clone company Power Computing, was among the first companies to use the program.

The program comes in two versions--SaleSmartz Pro and SaleSmartz Standard. SaleSmartz Standard provides a contact database, calendar and time manager, all with drag-and-drop functionality.

SaleSmartz Pro has the same features plus a product catalogue, which users can customise with their own inventory and pricing, and a quote and invoicing tool.

SaleSmartz is available for Macintosh but a PC version is under development and is expected to be released by early November.

A new version of SaleSmartz will be on the market from January next year.

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