Greater user friendliness likely from Jetform's Delrina purchase

Jetform's purchase of Delrina is expected to have positive spin-offs in the form of superior user interfaces.

The acquisition of Symantec’s electronic forms division, Delrina, by Jetform is unlikely to have little direct impact locally.

Indirectly though, it seems likely to bring benefits down the track with the ability to add Delrina's strength in designing user interfaces to Jetform's strength in Web and server-based output management capabilities.

Jetform set up a New Zealand office in April; previously its electronic forms products were distributed by Software New Zealand. The new operation is in the process of signing deals with resellers, says general manager Tony Davenport. Computerland and Fujitsu are already working with it.

The product line is particularly strong in the banking sector, Davenport says.

The company recently released two new product lines: JetForm Workflow and JetForm Filler Pro. Both are designed for automating the workflow of administrative business processes, such as expense reporting, purchase ordering and travel expense tracking.

JetForm Workflow includes a Workflow Builder to graphically design a business process, and a Workflow Agent for executing user-defined workflows. The workflow application works in conjunction with the JetForm Filler Pro desktop software, which allows end-users to participate in a workflow process.

The new workflow software is an agent-based, not a forms-based, application that allows users to control a workfellow’s process and the amount of time it takes to complete the process. Users can create deadlines within a workflow that automatically routes the work to an alternate site if the primary recipient does not respond within a set time.

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