Microsoft in discussion with content providers for CityScape

Microsoft is talking content as it builds up to the launch of its Web-based entertainment service in the new year.

Microsoft is negotiating with a number of listings magazines to provide local content for its online World Wide Web-based entertainment services, code named Cityscape. The service is due to be launched in Seattle in the first quarter of 1997. By midyear services will be up and running in New York, Boston, San Francisco and London, Microsoft officials say.

Microsoft has held discussions with London-based listings magazine Time Out, and the San Jose Metro about providing content for the service. Time Out provides listings magazines for London and New York and World Wide Web listings for San Francisco. The company also has a bevy of travel guides to European and US cities.

"It's too early to say whether or not we will partner with Microsoft," says Peter Fiennes, managing editor of Time Out's Interactive Division. "However I would expect that we will be able to talk some more by the end of October."

Meanwhile Microsoft has registered the Domain name WINDYCITY.COM, which analysts believe is a name for a Chicago-based version of Cityscape. The company has also registered the name PLAZAONMSN.COM, which could either be a shopping or cinema service for MSN, according to anlaysts.

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