Internet to drive 44% of server sales by 1999

The Internet is quickly becoming the driving force behind corporate server buying decisions.

The Internet is quickly becoming the driving force behind corporate server buying decisions and will account for 44% of US server purchases by the year 1999, say analysts at market researcher IDC.

In a new report which was compiled from a number of different market research studies, IDC analysts weighed the IT buying decisions behind the Unix and non-Unix server markets. Among other results predicted by the study, IDC found that Internet functions on non-Unix platforms, including Windows NT, are expected to grow at twice the rate of those on Unix servers. However, the installed base of Unix servers will not be overtaken in the next four years, according to the study.

Other important factors which will impact server buying choices are directory and security functions, driving 19.5% of all purchases. Transactional processing, which will show no growth through 1999 on non- Unix systems, will grow 5.9% on Unix platforms in the next four years. However, considering that transactional processing accounted for the highest level of percentage usage on Unix platforms in 1995, the figure is low, according to the report.

Decision support systems are expected to grow 19.6% while computational functions are expected to grow only 8.9%. This will cause the decision-support market to eclipse the computational market by the year 1998, according to the study.

Internet usage will drive a healthy 31.4% of Unix server buying decisions, but will drive a whopping 64.9% of non-Unix decisions, according to the study. Some of the expectation for non-Unix Internet growth will be driven by a shift toward NT, according to the report.

In the PC server market, which IDC analysts say would continue its strong growth pattern, personal productivity and data repository functions will be the most common uses of the servers over the next four years.

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