IT recruiters join forces

Two IT recruitment agencies, Premac Consultants and Vertex Consultants, have combined to form a new agency that ranks itself among the five largest in Auckland by size.

Two IT recruitment agencies, Premac Consultants and Vertex Consultants, have combined to form a new agency that counts itself among the five biggest in Auckland.

PreMac Consulting recruits overseas as well as locally and deals with contract work, clients and permanent placements.

It says it is aiming to make its presence felt by showing it has a different attitude from other recruitment companies. Director Ian McKinnon says a small number of steady, large clients, such as IBM, Telecom and Air New Zealand, means the two consultancies have not needed to advertise and have tended to keep a low profile.

Aside from attitude, it also has distinctive payroll arrangements. Contractors can be treated as employees of PreMac, which then takes care of their PAYE tax and ACC levies if they do not want to handle the paper work involved in being completely self employed.

Another benefit to contractors is that they get annual leave and sick pay deducted from their gross hourly rate, which are then available to them when leave is taken, ensuring they continue to get an income.

General manager Sue Fountain says if a contractor is already GST-registered the company can also help by sub-contracting jobs to them. In this way people can be on PreMac’s payroll and looking for their own contracts and work without assistance from any of the consultants.

On the permanent placements side of the business, which is handled by consultant Robin Sutherland, PreMac deals with junior staff through to general manager level positions. PreMac has four consultants handling permanent placements and two handling contract work.

Sutherland says PreMac also operates as a de facto human resources department for many of its clients by screening and selecting the best candidate for their client’s working environment.

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