Vendors flock to show off wares at Netscape's conference

A number of third-party vendors will unveil and demonstrate new products this week at Netscape's Internet Developers' Conference.

A number of third-party vendors will unveil and demonstrate new products this week at Netscape's Internet Developers' Conference with the hope that some of Netscape's industry clout will bring more attention to their efforts.

RadMedia and Macromedia will unveil a cross-licensing deal that will bring Macromedia's Fireworks technology to RadMedia's PowerMedia presentation development application. The deal will give PowerMedia the capability to publish slide presentations as HTML pages that are viewable through any Web browser. PowerMedia will allow users to incorporate cached Web pages in presentations or to access them in real time during a presentation.

The 3.0 version of PowerMedia will allow users to embed Java and ActiveX controls in presentations and it will feature streaming media, such as video or music. "The real coup here is that you can go out and grab stuff off the Web," says Miles Walsh, vice-president of marketing at Palo Alto, California-based RadMedia.

"We want people to be able to create a presentation in three to five minutes," Walsh says. "With this new version of PowerMedia, they can write it once and it is a slide presentation or a Web page."

PowerMedia 3.0 for Windows 95 and Windows NT is priced at US$199; Unix versions are priced at US$399. All are available this week on RadMedia's Web site at

Intelligent Environments Inc. will unveil its Amazon product line, which will allow IS managers to connect intranet technology to existing databases. "We are giving IS managers the tools to create large mission-critical applications that tie in their existing databases," says Lawrence Shafe, CEO of Burlington, Massachusetts-based Intelligent Environments.

Shafe says Amazon technology was key for creating Web commerce sites and business-partner "extranets". The Amazon development kit for Windows NT is priced at US$2495; the applications server is priced at US$2500; and connectivity drivers are priced at US$495.

CyberCash will demonstrate its CyberCoin technology, which allows for micropayments over the Internet ranging from 25 cents to US$10. Such payments could be used for downloading Web pages or documents, giving Web site operators the opportunity to create new revenue models. For more information, see the company's Web site at and Cybercoin.

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