VDOPhone allows audio, video over POTS or Internet

A US$99 product enables users to conduct videophone conversations over the Internet.

VDOnet has announced a video phone that allows users to communicate using audio and colour motion video over regular telephone lines or the Internet.

The Internet version of VDOPhone costs US$99 and the version for use with regular phone lines is priced at US$149. Both are available immediately from VDOnet's Web site at http://www.vdo.net.

The VDOPhone supports bandwidths of 14.4kbit/s and higher and automatically adjusts video quality to available bandwidth. It operates with Windows 95 and requires a system with Pentium 60 for Internet video and audio and a system with Pentium 100 to send and receive video and audio over telephone lines.

Based on VDOnet's real-time streaming video technology, VDOPhone is compatible with the ITU H.324 standard for interoperability with other video conferencing products over regular phone lines, as well as with the T.120 data sharing and conferencing standard using the Microsoft NetMeeting architecture.

Versions of VDOPhone with Microsoft NetMeeting will be available in November. The integration of Microsoft NetMeeting allows VDOPhone users to simultaneously share most Windows-based applications across the Internet, a LAN or public telephone network while viewing video of other members of a conference.

VDOPhone will be compliant early next year with the H.323 standard for interoperability with other networked videoconferencing products, the company says.

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