Lotus a strong believer in OS/2

Lotus' late release of an office application suite for OS/2 does not reflect lack of confidence in the operating system, the company says.

Lotus' long delay in shipping an OS/2 version of SmartSuite does not reflect a lack of confidence in the operating system, says Jeff Papows, Lotus' president, speaking in Singapore.

Lotus' SmartSuite 97 for OS/2, the software vendor's first suite for the operating system, started shipping only this month. It will replace IBM's Star Office as the main applications suite for OS/2, Papows says. "The reason Lotus was so slow moving to Warp was our problem, not an OS/2 problem," he says. "We didn't have the expertise, for one, because we've been Windows-centric for so long that we had to build a team for OS/2."

Papows, who was promoted to the office of president last week, says he has heard the market rumours that IBM is no longer investing in the operating system. "I don't believe them," he says. "There are 11 million copies of OS/2 in the market and I know IBM is continuing to invest in the operating system very aggressively."

Meanwhile, Lotus has launched a Singapore Web site at http://www.lotus.com/singapore.

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