Death doctor puts together Internet euthanasia kit

The Australian doctor who orchestrated the world's first legal mercy killing is making the means available on the Internet.

Three simple computer commands is all it takes to end your life--and it's coming to the Internet soon.

Last month Australian doctor Philip Nitschke helped perform the world's first legal mercy killing using a machine that enables the person wanting to die to give themselves lethal injections by typing the correct commands into a computer.

Nitschke says once an intravenous line is put into a patient's vein, usually by someone else, presumably with some medical knowledge, the soon-to-be-deceased patient is asked three times by the computer if they are sure they want to quit (this life).

Nitschke is now planning to put assembly instructions for the death machine and the software for it at a Web site, but according to a Reuters story is having logistical trouble getting the euthanasia home page up and running.

The doctor has already sent the instruction kit and software around Australia and the world via email and is not concerned he may face legal action if someone from outside the Northern Territory, the only place in the world where it is legal, builds the machine from the Internet material provided and hooks up a patient.

He says the software is only a minor part of the device, which can be built for around $180. The lethal drugs that do the killing can be very difficult and expensive to obtain.

For those whose veins are difficult to work with or who can't get someone to help them insert needles, the doctor is building a simpler machine. It features an oxygen mask for administering poisonous carbon monoxide.

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