Trainer advocates closer focus on risk management

A New Zealand training company thinks a UK finding that more than half of all development projects go over time and budget is true of here as well.

More than half of all software development projects are over time or over cost according to a survey by Coopers & Lybrand in the United Kingdom--a finding borne out in New Zealand by education and training company Software Education.

The Wellington-based company ran a course on risk management and surveyed 20 participants to discover that:

* A minority of New Zealand software developers practise formal software risk management for software development projects. Implementation increases with increasing size of the IT department.

* Around 50% of respondents “know risk management is important, but ...” they don’t have the time or money or skills to implement it properly.

* Very few organisations--even those which claim they are taking software risk management seriously--have well-defined standards and systems for software risk management, and where software risk management is in place, it is usually performed by the project manager--something Software Education deems inappropriate.

Software Education is running regular courses on how to analyse major risk factors for a project and how to mitigate them.

The next course will be held in Wellington on November 7 and 8. Contact Software Education, ph: 0-4-568 7806.

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