Navigator 4.0 to add Symantec's JIT compiler

Netscape is licensing Symantec's new Just In Time (JIT) Java compiler.

Netscape is licensing Symantec's new Just In Time (JIT) Java compiler, which Symantec tools chief Mansour Safai proclaims to be "by far the fastest JIT compiler on the entire planet".

The remark drew laughter from a crowd of developers at the Netscape developers' conference in New York last week, who were clearly familiar with the assertion that Netscape rival Microsoft has made that it produces the world's fastest JIT compiler for Java.

Not laughing, however, were Borland officials, whose JIT compiler had been -- until last week, when the Symantec-Netscape deal was finalised -- Netscape's JIT compiler of choice.

Borland's just-in-time compiler for Java is found in Navigator 3.0, says a Borland official, who added that he was unaware of any change in the relationship between the two companies. "We are a licensee of their technology, and they of ours," says a representative of Borland, in Scotts Valley, California. "How they use it is up to them."

The Symantec JIT Java compiler will be integrated into Navigator 4.0. Symantec also distributed free copies of its Visual Cafe development software at the conference.

Marc Andreessen, senior vice-president of technology for Mountain View, California-based Netscape, also unveiled a new developer support programme to augment Netscape's DevEdge developer outreach programme, the Netscape One Experts programme. "The Expert plan will also feature co-marketing efforts for third-party developers," Andreessen says. "We want to create a network of markets for software developers."

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