Comm-Unity closing down--for now

Auckland's Comm-Unity Internet Cafe is closing down--but it's demise is expected to be short-lived.

Auckland's Comm-Unity inner city Internet cafe is auctioning all its equipment and closing down--but as many as three of the five partners behind it are already negotiating on new computers and new premises.

Apart from casual traffic, the cafe has around 130 subscribers as an ISP and has been a modest financial success. It is thought that its partners fell out and eventually decided to split after one partner failed to renegotiate a new lease with the cafe's landlord.

The business will close shortly before an auction of its equipment--including a Sun Sparc 5--on October 31, but George Ma, who has become the cafe's public face, is likely to reopen with all-new equipment within a week of that date.

David Dix of KCSS, which provides the cafe's Internet access, has confirmed to @IDG that Ma had contacted him and would be transferring his 48k leased line access. Dix says Ma is "a really good guy who's not at all at fault here", and will be lending the business a replacement Sparcstation in the short term.

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