Acorn, Cirrus release reference design kit for Net appliances

Acorn Computer and Cirrus Logic have announced a reference design kit for OEMs developing Internet appliances.

Acorn Computer and Cirrus Logic have announced a Reference Design Kit for OEMs developing Internet appliances. The kit is based on Acorn's RISC operating system and Cirrus' WebSet microprocessor technology. Available from Cirrus, it provides some of the tools needed for companies to develop new products, such as screen phones, portable Internet appliances, multimedia kiosks and Internet terminals, as well as add Internet access to existing TVs and telephones.

Acorn's RISC technology includes the RISC OS, a variety of browsers, an email package and word processing software. Acorn also will offer its flicker-filter and anti-aliasing font technology for Web browsers that are connected to TVs.

Cirrus' WebSet technology features the PS7500FE compute engine, the FastPath modem chipset for 33.6Kbit/s for data, voice and fax, the Ethernet controller chipset and the CD-DAC chipset. The compute engine consists of a 32-bit RISC processor with MMU and on-chip cache, a floating point unit, an EDO DRAM controller, a UMA-based video controller that drives an SVGA monitor or dual panel LCD, a digital sound system with 32-bit serial interface for CD-DACs and a PC-style ISA bus.

Pricing is not available.

Acorn is on the Web at and Cirrus at

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