TAB bets on IBM, Oracle

The TAB is putting its money on IBM and Oracle to replace the betting agency's host computer systems.

IBM and Oracle are the winners in the TAB’s three-year, $15 million project to replace all of its host computer systems.

The TAB has been going through an evaluation process to select hardware, an operating system, database, development tools and transaction monitors.

It has chosen the RS/6000--specifically the SP--running AIX, Oracle for the database and Encina for the transaction monitor. It has yet to make a choice of tool but, according to technical project manager Dennis Ingram, it has provisionally looked at IBM’s Visual Age. “However, there’s still some doubt there,” he says.

The SP will replace a venerable Concurrent 3240, which was installed in 1982. Though the Concurrent has an uptime of 99.98%, it has become increasingly expensive to support.

Ingram says it’s not been decided yet which will be redeveloped first--management information systems or the betting system. He feels it’s most likely the betting system will be last.

“We’re looking at Unix-based client-server and we may use object development,” he says. “We’ll be able to combine sports betting and racing in the one system. At the moment, sports is bolted on.”

He says the TAB will continue to use Windows-based PCs for its office automation, though services such as teletext will continue to be driven off OS/2.

“We’re also looking at expanding our Internet connection.”

The TAB runs two separate networks, one for its offcourse betting, and another, using dial-up lines, for race tracks.

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