BCL builds Alpha clones

Business Computers is bringing the first Alpha-based clone workstation, the Screamer range, to New Zealand.

Business Computers is bringing the first Alpha-based clone machines, the Screamer workstation and server range, to New Zealand.

BCL's Paul Grainger says the workstation, which like the server is being built locally around motherboards from Microway, is aimed at the graphics and CAD markets as well as universities and research institutions and the server is for anyone "who wants a little grunt" out of their NT server.

"The 500MHz is under beta test in the US," says Grainger, "and we'll have that in January. It's fair to say the Alpha is the best chip about and there's more and more software being converted to run in native mode for it. It competes with the quad Pentium Pro type systems.

"I think it's recognised that Digital's floating point can't be beaten."

The aim is to provide a range of products offering the performance of Digital machines for a price not much higher than standard Intel-based units.

The current Screamers are a 366MHz workstation model and a 433MHz server.

Various configurations are available, but the workstation with 64Mb of RAM, 1Gb hard drive, 8x CD-ROM, 2Mb graphics card, keyboard, mouse and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 is available at $11,979 ex GST minus monitor.

The server comes with 128Mb of RAM, 2Gb Ultra Wide SCSI drive, 8x CD-ROM, network and graphics cards, SVGA monitor and Windows NT Server (five-client), for $21,570 ex GST.

The Screamers are available in Windows NT, Linux, Unix and Open VMS options.

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