The Bug Report: Office 97 and Internet Information Server

Office 97 and Internet Information Server; AIX and Netscape Enterprise Server; Netscape servers on Windows NT; and Microsoft System Management Server.

Server bugs and fixes reported to BugNet.

Microsoft Corp.'s Office 97 and Internet Information Server. When installing Office 97 on a Windows NT 4.0 server that is running Internet Information Server, the message "Setup is updating your system files" may appear, after which the system stops responding. The solution is to turn off Internet Information Server before installing Office 97. This error will only happen during normal installation, not during an administrative installation ("setup /a").

AIX and Netscape Communications Corp.'s Enterprise Server 2.01 and FastTrack Server. AIX versions of these servers were developed and compiled on Version 3.x of AIX, which is not thread-enabled. Therefore, even with Version 4.x of AIX, the server software will not be capable of handling threads.

Netscape's server software running on Microsoft Windows NT. If, when trying to install one of the Netscape 2.x server products, such as FastTrack Server, Enterprise Server, Commerce Server, Communications Server, Mail Server, or News Server, to Windows NT, the SETUP.EXE command does not run properly, the problem may be caused by some files that were not deleted during a previous uninstall process. Look in the WINNT35\SYSTEM32 directory, and see if NS-ADMIN.EXE, NS-HTTPS.EXE, or other NS-files are present. Netscape suggests you rename the files on the server, and then the newer version should install.

Microsoft System Management Server. This server will not work with Windows NT 4.0 clients if a user is not logged on to the system. As a work-around, first use Remote Control to log a client in, then use Remote Reboot.

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